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Eau Claire-Residential (Mill Meadows West)
Type: Residential   Location: Eau Claire, WI   Size: 18.62 Acres   Sold In Increments: 18.62 Acres

Mill Meadows - Single Family subdivision ready for development on Eau Claire's growing west side. Property is conveniently located on Town Hall Road / County Road EE & Folsom Street. Property features easy access to North Crossing (Highway 312) and Interstate 94. Preliminary plans call for 163 Lots.

  • Menards-Lake Hallie, WI (Lot 3)

    Type: Land


    Size: 7.45 Acres

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  • Eau Claire-Residential (Mill Meadows East)

    Type: Residential


    Size: 55.43 Acres

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  • Eau Claire-Residential (Mill Meadows One)

    Type: Residential


    Size: 5.018 Acres

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