Menards Real Estate
Menards-Rapid City, SD (Lot D)
Type: Land   Location: Rapid City, SD   Size: 25.47 Acres   Sold In Increments: 25.47 Acres

Anchor lots and outlots available adjacent to Menards Mega Store. Property features excellent visibility from North Street and easy access to I-90. Nearby retailers include: Walmart, Target, TJ Maxx, ULTA, Petco, Scheel's and Gordman's. Zoned PCD: Planned Community Development. Contact Menards Real Estate today for more information!

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  • Menards-Scottsbluff, NE (Lot 4)

    Type: Land


    Size: 26.16 Acres

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  • Menards-Rapid City, SD (Lot B)

    Type: Land


    Size: 3.66 Acres

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